Influenza is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system

Influenza is a type of viral infection which causes attacks on the respiratory systems such as lungs, nose and throat. Influenza is commonly known as the flu but is different from stomach flu virus which is majorly caused by diarrhea or vomiting. The complications can be deadly and the below people are at higher risk of developing complications:
1) Old adults
2) Women who are pregnant
3) Individuals who are suffering from chronic illness.
4) People who are having weakened immune systems.

At the primary stage, it might look like a common cold along with a sore throat, sneezing and a runny nose with gradual increasing of cold. While flu comes all of a sudden.
The symptoms are.
1) Muscle ache.
2) Dry couch.
3) Body weakness and fatigue.
4) Nasal congestion.
5) Chills
6) Fever

The causes
The causes of influenza can be common. Even when one picks up the germs from an simple and common object like telephone handles or from inhalation of droplets directly and gradually the virus gets transformed.
Risk factors
1) Living conditions: Residents who live in shabby locations or people living in nursing homes or military barracks are more likely to develop influenza.
2) Chronic illness: Disorders like diabetes, heart issues or asthma increases the complication risk.
3) Pregnancy: Pregnant women are at risk of developing the complications.
Preventive measures
1) Keep the body clean.
2) Always wash the hands frequently. If possible provide scrubbing of hands at least for more than 10 seconds.
3) Try to contain the sneezes and coughs. Always cover the nose and mouth while sneezing.
4) Try avoiding crowd as flu spreads easily.

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